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Shelby Mustang GT350
Shelby Mustang GT350
Art.Nr: 400-45158652
Bestellnummer: DB29
Autor: Cantwell, Kolasa
Verlag: David Bull
Baujahr: 1965
ISBN: 9781935007296
Sprache: Englisch
Hinweis: Beim Verlag vergriffen, nr mehr Restexemplare
Bibliographie: 244 Seiten, ca 200 sw Fotos
€ 70,91 exkl. Mwst.
€ 78,00 [ inkl. 10% Mwst.]
When the Ford Motor Company needed a new car aimed at the youth market of the 1960s, it created the instantly popular Mustang. When it decided to turn the Mustang into a true sports car it turned to Carroll Shelby. And when Shelby needed an engineer to develop what would become the classic Mustang GT350 he hired Chuck Cantwell. This book delivers a unique first-hand account of Cantwell's years at the Shelby American company. Working alongside Shelby and a dedicated team, he succeeded in producing a car that was an immediate success on the racetrack and an iconic muscle car whose reputation remains unmatched after more than half a century. His month-by-month narrative is supported by scores of photographs (including many from his own collection and those of other Shelby insiders) as well as technical drawings and company memos. Additional background information, data, and details are provided by co-author Greg Kolasa, an automotive historian who has spent decades researching and writing about Carroll Shelby's cars
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