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AUTOBÜCHER - Marken A-Z - Sunbeam
Details Hillman Imp: All models of the Hillman Imp, Sunbeam Stiletto, Singer Chamois, Hillman Husky & Commer Imp
Tim Morgan
Bj. 1963 to 1976
This Essential Buyer's Guide leads you through the process of buying an Imp or one of its vaeriants ...
€ 13,55 exkl. Mwst.
€ 14,90 [ inkl. 10% Mwst.]
Details Sunbeam Alpine and Tiger - The Complete Story
Graham Robson
The Sunbeam Alpine and Tiger were in many ways revolutionary cars, coming as they did from a British...
€ 22,64 exkl. Mwst.
€ 24,90 [ inkl. 10% Mwst.]
Details Sunbeam Alpine: Limited Edition Extra
Series I, II, III, IV, V; Roadsters and GTs; Harrington Le Mans
Bj. 1959 - 1968
This book is a collection of articles covering Alpine roadsters Mks. I, II, III, IV and V plus all G...
€ 22,64 exkl. Mwst.
€ 24,90 [ inkl. 10% Mwst.]
Details Sunbeam-Talbot & Alpine In Detail
Anders Ditlev Clausager
Bj. 1935 - 1956
he author gives a thoroughgoing account of the evolution of the Sunbeam-Talbot and Alpine models thr...
€ 45,36 exkl. Mwst.
€ 49,90 [ inkl. 10% Mwst.]
Details The History of the Sunbeam Alpine
John Willshire
The first generation of Sunbeam Alpine was produced in 1953–54 and was named after the prestigious A...
€ 22,64 exkl. Mwst.
€ 24,90 [ inkl. 10% Mwst.]
Details The Works Tigers (1964 to 1966)
Graham Rood, Foreword by Ian Hall
A detailed history of the Rootes Competition Department´s use of the Sunbeam Tiger. Over the year...
€ 90,82 exkl. Mwst.
€ 99,90 [ inkl. 10% Mwst.]
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